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's chief washington correspondent john harwood. john, good to have you with us tonight. >> hey, ed. does mr. summers feel confident in trying to get this country back on financial track? >> well, look. i think the economic team and the administration understood when they enacted the stimulus plan early next year that it was going to take a while for the employment situation to turn around. the jobs are a lagging indicator. it surprised everybody i think how quickly unemployment has risen to 12%. that's a difficult situation for democrats. it doesn't necessarily they've taken an incorrect course. in fact, i think the economic team is taking the course that the president wants. the bank initiative was not larry summers idea or the secretary treasurer's idea. >> what do you think that that means, john? >> paul volcker heads an advisory board. the economic team did not feel it was necessary last year and increasing the obvious. and we started seeing that and needed to eventually tim geithner and larry summers went with that program and of course the election in massachusetts dra dram mat sized.
about destroying barack obama and change in washington. massachusetts, we're headed in the right direction with president obama's agenda. it is a heavy lift. but that doesn't mean we quit now. would ted kennedy quit? we can do this. all scott brown will do is take this country in the wrong direction again. you want to go back to bush-cheney? i am amazed. i can't believe independent voters -- i've been asking myself for the last several days, on the radio show as well, what has this candidate done to garnish all of this good will in the polls from independent voters when he is a top 2% kind of guy? he's not a wall street regulator. he's an anti-labor guy. middle-classers in massachusetts, what has barack obama done to have you turn against him in the 11th hour when we're trying to get something revolutionary done in washington? tell bhme what you think in our telephone survey tonight. dial 1-877-ed-msnbc. my question tonight is, do you think today's special election in massachusetts is a referendum on president obama? press "1" for yes, press "2" for no and i'll bring you the resu
, in my opinion, don't look very good. >>> and the washington wizards may need to change their name back to the bullets. jarvis crittenden, allegedly locked and loaded a gun in the locker room, okay? and we have got steven a. smith talking about that later on this evening in the program. >>> all right. later today -- late today, president obama made a very strong statement on the foiled christmas day terror plot. he said security officials had the information to stop the alleged terrorists on christmas day but they failed to connect the dots, okay? the president put it this way when it came to responsibility. >> i am less interested in passing out blame than i am in learning from and correcting these mistakes to make us safer. for ultimately, the buck stops with me. as president, i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people and when the system fails it is my responsibility. >> well, that kind of leadership and accountability was seen down the chain. here's the top counterterrorism adviser, john brennan, at a news conference after that statement. >> i told the presi
and others like ed schultz whose premium just went up. >> in washington there are meetings and as the republicans made the point earlier, there are. >> the president went over there to debunk what he's had to put up for the last year and he's still putting out an olive branch are you willing to admit that we're headed in the right direction? 5.7% growth, best since 2003 and a quarter. >> there are numbers that show that the income increases are twice as much as the people who worked for the government last year as it was for people that don't work for the government. we've still got a disparity that we have so called stimulus plans that give more attention to government employees. >> we have some progress but not enough progress. >> it seems like the republicans are so stuck in the mud that they don't want to give progress to the president at all. >> my goodness, you just hit it right on the head. it is progress. can you imagine it is progress. is it going to be overnight? no. >> gentlemen, we've got to run. >> it's not the develop and rope. >> gentlemen, thank you so much.
of their country. people were upset that washington wasn't solving the problems that they were having every day. >> is he going to talk more to the american people? what is he going to do different? >> absolutely. the president is going to spend more time talking directly to the american people, ensuring that the special interests don't have undue sway over what people learn about this legislation. look, i will admit to a failing on this, ed. we haven't done as good a job in ensuring that the american people know what is in this bill that is good for them that is the fault of those that are hired by the president to help him communicate and we certainly take that responsibility. >> mr. gibbs, good to have on the ed show tonight. i appreciate it we will do it again. >> ed, thanks for having me. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs here with us tonight. >>> and saying in that interview that they know the political dynamic on capitol hill has changed, message from massachusetts sent, message at the white house has been received. >>> coming up, are we going to look back at today as the day t
trail in nevada to come back to washington tomorrow to have a meeting at the white house. so what's this all about? do you think -- let's speculate. is harry reid coming back because's been on the campaign trail in nevada and he might come back and say, you know what? i done think we can win. we better figure this out. is the president calling harry reid back to the white house to say i got some real problems with these labor guys. we got to figure out how to pay for this. we can't hint the middle class. seems like they're re-arranging the chairs here in the 11th hour. for more on this, joining me now the president of the international association of firefighters. they have been staunch supporters of the democratic platform and, of course, supporters of president obama in the last election. mr. shadeberger, not to overstate where labor is right now, i was told by one labor leader today, yesterday at the white house it was not a negotiating session but it was a very intense meeting and a message to the white house and the advisors and the president himself this is not going where t
establishment forces and the money interest in washington which aren't going to move with you, president obama. it's been a year. they have knifed you in that year. this is a moment to take back the agenda and do it. if you're cool, do it with coolness, but do it. >> he's got to do it. and i just think bipartisanship is a pipe dream. i don't think republicans are going to work with him and be honest with any of this. and i think there's a lot of demonstration in the core base may i keep my temper down tonight? i am so sick and tired of bipartisanship. we had an election. they lost. >> i know. >> it's time to move. >> call them out. and say -- call them out on how they seem to be siding with the angry workers like the tea partyiers. if they aren't holding big banks accountable, not just out of vengeance, but because we need to rebuild and reinvest. i wish you would define fiscal responsibility in this country. he will propose the largest increase in funding for elementary and secondary education and that's to be commended because part of our real security is not spending $190,000 a minute in af
the facts from washington, d.c., nbc's kelly o'donnell. kelly, tell us the back story to this. are the democrats really nervous about this race in massachusetts? is it as close as the numbers say it is? >> well, when you hear from democrats and republicans the same story about a race like this, then you get a sense that there really is something here. we have thought that all the drama in this race would be which democrat would win the primary back in december. no one thought that martha coakley, the popular attorney general in massachusetts, would have any trouble, so what has happened? well, there are a few different kinds of forces at work here, ed. part of it is the big picture that doesn't directly have to do with these two candidates, a sense that there is a mood change in the country. is this a way to speak to the whole issue of the obama presidency and the direction of the country, frustrations about health care, about the expanding deficit. there are people who are saying that this is a way to send a signal about those issues. at the same time, martha coakley as an in
dorgan joins us ex clis civil from the capital in washington. great to have you with us tonight. congratulations on a fabulous career. you have done a lot for a lot of americans and been a man who has spoken truth to power time and time again. why are you going to do this? why are you going to step away from the senate? >> well, that's the big question, ed. it's been a rare privilege for me to serve in the united states senate. i started at age 26. 40 years in a statewide elective office. i came to the conclusion that rather than make a commitment for seven, i wanted to do other things outside of public service is the political climate weighing tough on your decision? it's a tough climate. >> it really has not. i've been very successful and would have been successful had i run for election but the question is, when is it time to move on to other things? why did he leave so soon rather than leave so long? it's a great privilege. there are other things in life i'd like to do and frankly this gives me the opportunity to do that. >> does the political climate in the country, in wash
, when you take a look at the money that's being thrown around in washington right now, and we just saw something unfold just a few days ago in the senate, and now the president is going to go with an executive order to get a deficit reduction commission, you and another senator on your budget committee was going for that. and now the president has to go executive order on this because there were seven republicans who were for it and then all of a sudden, voted against it. if you could, explain their crazy position on this, why they switched their votes like that, and just how important is it for this commission to be formed to address our financial situation in this country. >> well, i think it is important. look, you know, we have this unusual situation where what's the right policy in the short run is very different than the long run. in the short run, we have got to add the deficits and debt to provide liquidity to help strengthen the economy. long-term, we have got to pivot and help reduce the long-term debt. so, you know, we got to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. we
's in there. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. we are live in washington, d.c. tonight. it is kind of the pre-game show to the state of the union. democrats, just settle down. everything's going to be okay. all is not lost. our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll has just been released. i want to start with this number that i think is very profound. when asked, who do you blame for not finding solutions to america's problems, the number one answer was "republicans in congress." 48% of the folks blamed republicans for not helping find solutions. 41% are blaming the democrats in congress. fewer than one-third said that president obama was the problem. 71% said that he is not to blame. there are a lot of other numbers to get to tonight, but this is what david plouffe meant when he told democrats "don't wet the bed." at least that's what i think he meant. then they need to remember, i think, just who the opponent is in all of this. the party of bush and cheney, right? the birthers? the death panels? those folks that are pushing those lies? the party of tax cuts f
circulating all afternoon out of washington that labor and the white house have reached a deal on this excite tax when it comes to taxing health care benefits. at this hour, labor leaders holding a conference call. in the meantime, the president is meeting with house democrats. so something should develop tonight. on another part of the story, the dirty dealings of the health insurance industry are neverending. the national journal recently found out that a handful of companies have been funneling money through the chamber of commerce to help finance the anti-reform ads that have been playing in states all across the country. here's what has been going on. the insurance companies gave between $10 and $20 million to the insurance industry trade group, ahip. ahip passed the cash along to the chamber of commerce, which forwarded it to a couple of business coalitions like the group employers for a healthy economy. then, they used the money to produce attack ads designed to torpedo any health care reform effort. my next guest says that the congressional investigation needs to take place. let me br
. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. more news out of washington tonight. the panel in charge of investigating the causes of the recession held their first hearing today in the nation's capital. and to no surprise, their first witnesses were a handful of wall street bank ceos. all of who admitted at least some responsibility for the financial crisis. >> as i've said before, we did make some mistakes and we could have done better. >> we let money out too cheaply and in certain loans without the traditional safeguards. >> some of the product on mortgages, we did eat our own cookie and we choked ton. >> president obama is expected to recoup some of the taxpayer t.a.r.p. funds by imposing a tax on more than 20 of wall street too big to fail banks. my next guest is a long-time supporter of this time of feed. joining us tonight is congressman. did you hear what you wanted to hear today from these bank ceo's? >> i think it is pretty clear, these very large financial institutions, not only the large banks but other large institutions, hedge funds that contributed, all of the
? they are not trying to fight about race. they are trying to turn around the political landscape in washington by misusing the grievances of people that have always had to fight bigotry. >> al sharpton, always a pleasure. appreciate your time tonight. >>> coming up, cheney, junior, launched a hypocritical ad attacking the president on -- we'll call her out on that. and big labor just gave president obama an earful for leaving working men and women out in the does being. all of that, plus, a psycho talk tribute to the new media employee. >>>, and of course, a former bushy is going to be on the hot seat. it's all coming up next. stay with us. ♪ breaking up is hard to do breaking up is hard to do. so allstate will do it for you. switch to allstate, and your new agent will... help tell your old insurance company goodbye. saving you that uncomfortable breakup moment. and serious cash. drivers who switched saved an average of $396 a year. $473 if they dumped geico. breaking up is easy to do. ♪ remember when that's allstate's stand. are you in good hands? ♪ >>> liz cheney's latest attack on bar
believe that our system is headed towards the broken road, so to speak. that washington is dysfunctional. do you think that this would be a serious tool that could be used to bring some things back to normalcy? >> i really do. again, i think there is a role for minority. the minority does need protections for the rule of the minority. there's a lot of ways to do that. from the committee procedures, through presidential vetoes, over rides, all kinds of vetoes. i'm not trying to take everything away. i'm just saying, let's make it so that you can have a filibuster but after a certain period of time you only need 51 votes, not just to pass a bill but to bring it to a vote. >> and how confident are you tonight that from right now until the election, the midterms, that the republicans will work with the president on anything? on a scale of 0-100, where are you on that? >> well, already the republicans have indicated to our leader that they are going to object to motions to proceed on various pieces of legislation. i've got a bill that the house passed overwhelmingly. it's a food safety bill,
in washington the last few days, jonathan, there is more negativity around -- around this now than there ever has been. your thoughts? >> there s i think they need to ram it through and complete it complete what we started last year. i think congressman kucinich is wrong to try to kick the can down the road. that's heading for the hills, as the president said it. mary landrieu's not relevant anymore. the good news for progressives is that ben nelson, mary landrieu, they are not relevant, as long as you have 51 senators for a bunch of progressive fixes done through the budget reconciliation process. then they can patch this bill, do a lot of good things. they could even extend medicare down to age 55 as they were talking about a few weeks ago a lot of other good things. there's only one way to get there though, that is for the house to pass the senate bill. then -- you know, it is a bank shot. they need -- they need to have some -- some understanding, maybe even on paper, that these -- these senate reconciliation amendments would then be applied with 51 votes, but if they get that, then they s
because they know the time in washington, d.c. is the enemy of getting things passed. and they've tried every effort. now what they want do is have a motion to go to conference so they can vote a cloture vote, take us more days, more weeks of time. we're not going to give in to that. this is going to be in an open fashion, on the internet. we'll discuss it with the press. we'll discuss it at home. we had over 3,000 town hall meetings throughout august. >> why not have it on c-span? >> i'm not forum yet these meetings are going to be yet. how are we going to handle this legislation? because we know that the goal of the republicans still is not to make this legislation better but to kill this legislation so that obama will have a defeat an they will say that that's a failed administration. we're not going to let them do that. time and again when the republicans were here, you were watching this process for six years and in those six years very often the first time we heard a bill was coming to the floor when they announced it was coming to the floor. >> they don't bring anything to the ta
talk. sending him to washington will take us back to the bush-cheney days. for more on all of this and the landscape of massachusetts, joining me now is lieutenant governor of the great state of massachusetts, tim murray. mr. murray, good to have you here tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> it's all about turnout, or am i wrong on that? >> you're 100% right. get out the vote and get out to the democratic voters and progressives and liberals and letting them know what is at stake here. scott brown is not the middle of the road guy. he is, as you describe, someone who subscribes to the bush-cheney agenda. he's someone whose record indicates that on a whole variety of fronts. women's health issues, voting against the expansion of mammograms and cancer awareness campaigns. he's proposed a bill, a piece of legislation that would allow hospitals to prevent rape victims from getting emergency contraception. >> so this would be a radical change if this guy won this on this tuesday? >> there could not be someone more opposed to the value and belief that senator ted kennedy and it's
against the washington liberals. they are all against the government helping folks out. they think that the government has no place in business. i want to tell you a story tonight. you may remember, if you watch this show regularly, we had a gentlemen on this show called noll davis. the gear boxes that are made for wind turbines come from where? china. so noll davis wants to get a loan guarantee from the energy department because he wants to manufacturer gear boxes in the state of indiana. the red tape was slow, the bureaucracy was going on. we got the story from the alliance from the manufacturing. we made a few phone calls and guess what, he got his loan guarantee and in indiana, he's going to get his 48 c money and the vella gear systems, ink, is going to get over $11 million in loan guarantee and 250 manufacturing jobs in the state of indiana. now, this is something that the republicans, they don't have a plan, they don't have an effort. we can play a role if we keep telling the story about who wants to be innovative to create jobs in this country. next we're going to get noll
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